About The Prop Money

BannerAll photos of prop bills on this site have been watermarked to prevent general internet use of the photos, the actual bill you receive will not have a watermark.

These are not real money bills, they are fake prop bills for use in the entertainment industry. They cannot be used as real money and you would be in big trouble if you tried to pass them as a real currency.

Prices here at HollywoodGreenbacks are dependent on our particular stock and on the initial price, it is not necessarily based on general internet prices.  The prices here also include free shipping.



On the description for each bill type, the condition of the bill will be given. This is so you know what to expect when you get receive your bill.   The bill you receive will be close to the one pictured in the product descriptions, but since I can’t take a picture of each specific bill, the condition description will give you a general sense of what the bill will look like. The categories shown below are more broad categories than in used in general bill collecting since with props, the condition may not be indicative of worth.   The movie prop business would at times, purposefully make the bills looked stressed/used so they looked more realistic on screen. If the bill is more used looking, it is more likely to have been used as loose handled money, while crisp mint looking bills were probably used in a scene with a large stack of money or looking in a safe.

Poor: possibly large tears, dirty and raggedy

Fair: Not so raggedy or dirty but still having defects, heavily worn

Good: Moderate wear perhaps creasing, staining, or slight edge tears

Very Good: slight or moderate wear, possibly slight corner folds or creasing

Excellent: only slight wear, no folds or defects

Mint: un-circulated, pretty much like brand new, almost no handling wear



Most bills at this site have been used in a specific movie or television series and come with a copy of the original Certificate of Authenticity (COA). This certificate is certifying that a bill was used in a specific movie or TV show. These bills may have been specially printed for a specific film/show or the bill could have been a commonly printed prop bill but it was collected after filming and documented as being in the film/show. On the description of each bill type, it will state whether a COA is included and where it was acquired.

A few types of bills have our own HollywoodGreenbacks COA. These bills generally have other documentation on file here concerning their authenticity, although these are generally letters or receipts that are not aesthetically presentable. The authenticity of these bills has been cross-checked when possible and are guaranteed to be authentic. If you have any questions on these or any of the bills authenticity, always feel free to ask.

Some of the other bills on this site, were obtained from a major prop supplier and have a COA stating they are an original authentic prop. For instance, the Banco de Sonora bills, were originally obtained from Ellis Props which was a major supplier of props to studios, and when it went out of business in 1999, they sold their stockpile of props. These bills are the same type that can be seen in some old films and westerns, although one can’t be certain that these specific bills were in a movie or if they were just sitting on supply shelves waiting to be rented by the prop company. These include a copy of the COA from Ellis Props, just basically saying it is a authentic prop company prop, but not that it was used in a specific film.