Bill Collecting


We focus on prop bills at this site, although bill collecting of all types is a fun hobby.   If you want to continuing to collect prop money seriously, I would recommend getting the book “Show Me the Money! The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, Television, Stage and Advertising Prop Money” by Fred Reed (2005). It’s an 800 page very informative book with lots of great pictures, although now the book is out of print and it’s getting harder to find.   I noticed a bill I purchased didn’t look quite look and this fake bill was even described in the Reed book.




14080301Money from other country’s can be fascinating and exotic. There are many more resources available for world currency collecting. There’s another type of collectable type of bills called “Fantasy” money, these were not made to “fool” the audience in a movie but were designed as a commemorative bill or to creatively represent a futuristic type bill. There are a lot of money types available check out a ton of varieties at one of my favorite sites: (see photo) and here’s another site that looked interesting: