Framed Bills

If you want to display your collection on the wall instead of taking up your shelf space, check out these framed versions. The mat is cut to exact dimensions and the bill is put into a protective sleeve before mounting, so these bills can easily be removed in the future without affecting their quality in any way. In many cases you can have either the COA or a screenshot from the movie framed next to the bill. No matter which you decide, you’ll receive both with the framed version, so you can always change it in the future. The COA/photo and sleeved bill are taped onto the mat using acid-free artist tape that can be removed if needed. The glass within the frame is not shipped with the item. The frame is included to protect the edges of the mat material but the glass is removed.   An inexpensive 8” x 10” frame can be purchased at a general “Dollar Store”.

If you want something framed a certain way, just contact us to let us know what you would like.   Custom framing is no problem.