Free Bill Framing Photos

Want to frame your prop bill?  Here are some free 8×10 photos that you can print out yourself to frame your prop bill.  These can be printed at home or from a photo machine, like at a Walmart.  If you print these from Windows, you want to select “fit to frame” so it prints without a border.  They should be 3000 x 2400 pixels after you save them to your device.

Put a tissue down on the photo when you cut out the inner box with an x-acto knife so your hand doesn’t stick to the photo, then tape the bill squarely while still in the protective sleeve behind the cutout.  The square for the specific bill should be sized just a hair smaller than the bill, so that when you cut it out and attach the bill behind, the edges of the bill will be just slightly covered for a clean look.  You could also mount the bill over the top of the cutout area but it would require somehow attaching it to the photo which may damage the bill.

Batman Forever

Beverly Hills Cop 3

Breaking Bad


The Dark Knight (Joker Type Bill)



Mad Money

Now You See Me

Public Enemies


Rollerball  (Different color outline for each type)

The Producers

The Punisher (Regular Type Bill)

The Punisher (Type “B”  Beaumont Bill)

Total Recall

Turn: Washington’s Spies

Warehouse 13

What’s The Worst That Can Happen