Homeland – Venezuela Bill Set


Saul Berenson’s Payoff Prop Money

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Homeland is a television show that has run on the Showtime channel since 2011. The show revolves around Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), a bipolar CIA agent, that has been assigned to the Counter Terrorism Center. She first believed that Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), a Marine that was held by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war in Iraq, had been turned by the enemy. Before she fell in love with him, she would do anything to catch this guy.

These bills look like Venezuela currency and are from Saul Berenson’s money bag in season 3. He used this money when he flew to Venezuela to pay off the thugs who took care of Brody after he was shot. Both bills are blank on the backside and are in very good condition. These bills come in protective semi-rigid sleeves, two display stands, and a quality copy of the Certificate of Authenticity from 20th Century Fox/VIP Fan Auctions.

This is not real currency, just movie prop money. Screenshots are presented for reference purposes and are taken from: Homeland. 20th Century. Showtime Network. 2011.


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