1864 Confederate Coin

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Sahara was a 2005 action comedy film starring Matthew McConaughey in the leading role as Dirk Pitt. The movie is based on Clive Cussler’s best-selling book. Matthew plays Dirk Pitt, who is on an adventure to find the lost treasure from the Confederate ironclad ship, the CSS Texas. And where is he searching, in West Africa of course.

This large plastic coin is in excellent condition and has a fake brass/gold painted on look. Each coin varies slightly from the one pictured, although all are in very similar condition. It comes with a clear plastic display stand and a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity from The Prop Store of London.

Condition: Excellent

Coin Size: 1 1/4” (3.3 cm) diameter

This is not real currency, just movie prop money. Screenshots are presented for reference purposes and are taken from: Sahara. Dir. Breck Eisner. Paramount Pictures, 2005.


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