Spy Kids 2


Treasure Coin from the Island of Lost Dreams

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This 2002 kids adventure/action film was a great sequel in the series. Carmen and Juni Cortez become kid spy agents and follow a trail to the Island of Lost Dreams. These coins can be seen in a treasure room on the island as they try to stop the mad scientist Romero.

This plastic coin is in very good condition and has been painted in a metallic gold color. Some coins have a light silvery-gold color, while others have a darker copper-gold color. Each coin varies only slightly to the one pictured and may have light signs of production wear. This coin includes a clear plastic display stand and Certificate of Authenticity from HollywoodGreenbacks.com.

Size: 1 5/16” (3.4 cm) Diameter

This is not real currency, just movie prop money. Screenshots are presented for reference purposes and are taken from: Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. Dir. Robert Rodriguez. Miramax Films. 2002.


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